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Good Hair

Your hair is a part of your dress sense. Not having healthy hair or scalp says a lot about your looks. But at the Energy Space, we understand the importance of proper grooming for your hair and scalp.

The Energy Space deploys 100% natural products to keep your hair healthy. Our hair products help remove toxins and ensure your hair retains its color and strength.

Working with well-trained hair stylists, we treat each customer’s hair with the uniqueness it deserves. Then as a regular client, we can help maintain your hair’s health since we know your hair history.

The Energy Space stylists offer exceptional services in:

  • Women’s hair treatment and a personalized haircut and style just for you
  • Men’s personalized haircut and treatment
  • Kids hair care and personalized haircut and treatment

Exclusive Hair Grooming Sessions

Our Exclusive hair grooming sessions will help identify your hair needs. Trust The Energy Space hairstylist to do an incredible job working your hair till it feels good on you again!

The Energy Space understands why you need to restore or prevent hair loss. Hair coloring is one of the best forms of chemical treatment. We provide chemical treatments for: 

  • Permanent hair
  • Straightening treatment
  • Hair Rebonding
  • Brazilian blowout
  • American wave
  • Design waves

As you prepare for corporate events, parties or gala nights, The Energy Space will make your hair look stunning to the delight of your family and friends.

We only use hair chemical products rich in keratin, which has the same natural protein contained in your hair. Keratin helps to restore the protein content of your hair, which makes your hair shiny and youthful again. 

Our Stylist may apply hair bleaching chemicals when you need to change and lighten up your color. But you always end up gorgeous and pleasant from our natural hair treatment.

Your hair color is as important as the hair texture. At The Energy Space, we understand how to do both right. Do you have brunette, blonde, black or red hair? Well, trust our Stylist at The Energy Space to help tone your hair color in a way that accentuates your beauty, no matter what age you are.

Your Hair tones say a lot about your appearance, that’s what our Stylists do their best, to choose the right tone suited for you. Our Stylists run two hair color services when you visit. The first color helps establish the base. Then we wash and allow your hair to dry out before the next application.

The hair toning process may involve applying a toner or permanent color before glazing. So, you get:

  • Base hair color
  • Lowlights
  • Partial highlights
  • Highlights
  • Men’s color
  • Color correction

 Are you a male client seeking hair grooming or treatment? Simply walk into The Energy Space confident you would get a unique camo or hair toning. Our Stylists know  how to re-groom gray hair to make it translucent, bold, and shiny.